Teaching यात्रा में कोई चुनौती बड़ी नहीं होती 💪🏼
Sitaram sir, Imran sir & Keshav sir with Vishvam (Teachmint)

In this passionate event, join us in discussion with Sitaram sir, Imran sir & Keshav sir as we discuss the various challenges Teachers face in becoming successful.

Sitaram sir brings his vast experience of 20+ years to share the difficulties in pursuing his life goal of educating India.
Imran sir is on a mission in Bijapur, Karnataka to teach English to all the children & empowering them to compete globally.
Keshav sir is an online educator from Hisar, Haryana and has tackled all problems from angle of digital first.

Please join us and share the challenges that you have faced, make new friends and get help in defeating obstacles.

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Feb 6, 2022 4:00 PM
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